Nikon D800 Screen Malfunction

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Re: Nikon D800 Screen Malfunction

jsr4522 wrote:

Has anyone experienced a failure / malfunction of the LCD display on the D800/e?

I was shooting a D800 the other day and it inexplicably stopped working after about 20 shots. I turned the camera off waited 5 minutes and turned it back on and it was fine for another hour, then the problem resurfaced (menu, playback, and info buttons all did not display anything). Only the screen had the issue - the rest of the functions were fine - just like the days of film. After the shoot, I tired it at home and it was fine, and then again this morning - it was fine. Have not been able to replicate the problem since. My firmware is up to date and I have not dropped or anyway subjected the camera to any damage.

Was wondering if anyone who had a similar experience found this to be a one time thing or the start of a more serious problem? Trying to decide whether to send it to Nikon service or wait until the problem resurfaces. Downside is that I need it for a trip in two weeks.


I'm not sure if this applies exactly to your case, but I know that it's normal for the LCD screen to power off after using liveview for a long enough time, reason being that long LV operation increases temperature and the camera turns it off to protect the electronics.

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