Nikon D4s: Bayer processing breakthru?

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Truman Prevatt
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Re: Thanks to all: Nikon D4s: Bayer processing breakthru?

Tom Schum wrote:

I've seen posts about trying to make Bayer look like Foveon, but nary a one about making Foveon look like Bayer. The crisp softness of Bayer and other CFA images is not easily produced from Foveon images I think, because in post processing one might need the complementary function to sharpness enhancement. I don't know if such a function is available.

Boy Tom, you will get bounced on for that comment.  However, I liken it to the following.  Back in the days of enlarging negatives - particularly B&W one could get totally different looks from a condenser enlarger - point light sourced focused into directed bean thorough a condenser lenses.  The image produced by the condenser enlarger could be quite stark which some aficionados would declare to be superior sharpness.  The directed light from the condenser enlargers would scatter off the silver crystals and any negative imperfections (Callier effect) to cause of grain and imperfections to be enhanced.

The second type was a cold light head which was a large diffused light source larger than the negative that used no lenses.  This produced an image that was quite smooth but if inspected under a grain magnifier would show the edges as sharp as the same negative from a grain magnifier. However, the image was much smoother and some might call it softer - although that term had nothing to do with sharpness of the image.  The smoothness came from the smoothness of the tonal gradation from a cold light head compared to a condenser which in some cases give a "soot and chalk" pattern of gradation.

There was a in-between know as a diffusion enlarger in which the beam the directed beam is diffused by a translucent glass plate. This eliminates the Callier effect of a condenser enlarger but don't produce the same smooth image of the cold light enlarger.

Personally while I would describe a print out of a cold light head as smooth or soft but crisp the image was quite sharp.  I find my B&W conversions from my D800E to be very sharp focused but yet maintaining the smoothness and softness in the tonal gradation of my cold light enlarger prints. I know what you mean Tom.  Foveon images taken in the correct light are quite nice but they remind me of images printed with a condenser enlarger.  My preference is for smooth and crisp images.

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