Horrible Panasonic service! Please help!

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Completely unacceptable

And exactly why I haven't bought any new Panasonic cameras for several years, even though I generally love their products.  I have had similar horrible experience with their dysfunctional and inept service departments.  Don't even get me started about my experience with 2 large and expensive Panasonic plasma tvs, or my LX3 or my $1000 4/3 25mm lens.....  Great products but the worst ever abysmal service.  If it happened once, I would get over it - but it has happened to me every time with Panasonic.

Anyway, my tips are these:

  • make sure you are keeping a written record of contacts with Panasonic;
  • maintain a calm and polite demeanor - you have a problem with the product and do not want to make the problem become your behavior;
  • make one last attempt to connect with a high level manager within customer service - not a 'supervisor' but the top person in the building. Ask for the plant manager or the VP in charge of customer service (who won't be in the building but at the corp offices) or just ask them who is in charge overall.  If you cannot get someone to confidently assure you that you will have a brand new camera within 2 days (c'mon, you have already waited months and months!), then move to the next level;
  • find someone completely OUTSIDE the customer service group and make yourself known.  I've successfully called corp. PR offices, corp gov't affairs offices, stock transfer groups, etc.  The point is to talk to someone who has zero responsibility for customer service, and then get them to route you to someone with some power, not to the usual service number.  Stay polite and pleasant, but insist on speaking with SOMEONE who can actually help you.  I've had great luck when some VP snaps his fingers and wants this problem solved TODAY!
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