Firmware 1.02 Sony A7R nightmare

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Firmware 1.02 Sony A7R nightmare

here is a copy and paste of my chat with tech support, in short do NOT run the update if you have a 64bit kernel apple computer!!!!

please notice, the sony website never warns or states you must only use 32bit...

You are chatting with Omar - (CJNQ).

Sony Electronics

5:14 PM Connecting...

5:14 PM Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.

5:14 PM Support session established with Omar - (CJNQ).

Welcome to Sony Online Support.

Please allow me a moment to review your concern.


I understand that your camera is not working after the update. Is that correct?


i got an error

it said ...

the update aborted due to an error during the process

it says to turn camera off. disconnect

but still same problem

whe i turn my camera on i see a red light, memory card axs that remains lit

and thats it wont do anything else

i have removed the battery but still no change

i have firmware 1.01 and was trying to upgrade to 1.02

Okay. Let me check this one for you.

please tell me there is an easy way to fix this?? i ahve a photoshoot 2morow

ok thanks

Are you using a 64 bit kernel Macintosh computer?

yes, i'm on an iMac 2013


i download yesterday this file from your website

The Sony camera firmware update does not support the 64 bit kernel on Mac OSX 10.5 or higher.

than why does your software not say this???

there was no warning on your website or via the software!!!!

To properly download and install the firmware update, follow this Apple Knowledge Base article:

this is lame

5:20 PM Omar - (CJNQ) has sent a link:


Let me know if you are able to access the website.

oh wow thats comnplicated

a buch of command line strings to make it work

well forget it than

i dont want to upgarde firmware if i gotta do all that

the problem is my camera is a brick now

how do i fix camera

Or we can use a Windows operating system to update the firmware of your camera.

it will not turn on.

i can run parallels and go into windows

problem is the camera is useless now

i can't upgrade firmware...

because the software wont recognize it

It may not work in parallel operating system.

ok than i dont have a way to do this

i own a mac and thats it

If you do not have any other computer. The best option we can do for your camera is to send it for repair.

We may still save the camera if you can use another operating system or a 32 bit Mac computer.

ok seriously

on your website....when u go to download the firmware.....

no where does it say only run on 32bit kernel!!!!

no where does it warn to NOT use where

this is a huge fail on part of SONY to not warn user to not run firmware upgrade on 64bit kernel

no where does it say that

i'm on your website right now,....

this is where ya download the mac os file to do upgrade

Do you still see any indicator on the camera. When you attempt to turn it on?

show me where it warns user of 64bit kernel???

when i turn it on, the red light turns on, bottom right corner, its for memory card turns on and remains on. and nothing else happens

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end result - i have to ship my camera to Laredo, Tx where it will be serviced.

all because there is no warning on their website that you can't use a 64bit kernel. nor can you choose to download a 32bit one???

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