D5100 Highlight Headroom

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Re: D5100 Highlight Headroom

Nexu1 wrote:

Stuntflyer wrote:

Steve, Is this comment taken from "ETTR Exposed" something that should be practiced with this camera?

"The answer to this question depends on the "ISO-nature" of the camera. With an ISO-invariant camera (one whose read noise does not change with the camera's ISO setting), one could do either (brighten in-camera or during raw processing), but there are advantages to shooting dark (letting your image remain unbrightened) at the base ISO and brightening during raw processing. This will typically result in a final image with better IQ and less chance of clipped highlights".

I shoot the D5100 (you can check my gallery for some pics).

I think the answer to your question is scene dependent. I'm not sure there is a "one size fits all" answer.

I sure that you are right about this.

For something like a sunrise I will push underexposure, sometimes pretty severely.

Do you do this by metering on the scene and using negative EC?

Why? Because those highlights, those pretty reds-pinks-oranges, are critical to the final product. If I let those areas blow out my photo is ruined because a white sunrise is both boring and unrealistic. And I can lift shadows like crazy on a sunrise shot, then apply a lot of noise reduction, and be happy.

Okay, that makes sense. I'm thinking that you would need a tripod since it would be a longer exposure.

On the flip side, portraits (and probably many other scenarios) do better with ETTR. Skin color is better. You get noise when you lift shadows, having noise on skin or eyes really hurts portraits IMO (unless you are going for some sort of trendy noise grain look).

I made the mistake just last night of shooting some portraits, going for some backlighting at dusk, and I underexposed too much (at ISO800 too), and I was unhappy with the final product. I wish I would've exposed more ETTR and let the highlights blow a little more.

What shooting mode are you in for ETTR. Do you change shooting modes regularly?

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