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A problem with Japan-centricity

Meuh wrote:

I had asked to try a 645d a while ago and was told I would be contacted with someone to arange it (it would come with a pentax rep due to the cost apparently), no contact was ever made so I asked again and was told they would get someone to contact me but again nothing.
So it seems they can offer such a thing but don't actually follow through.

I would argue that demand for Pentax cameras is much larger than supply, and with Ricoh taking "care" of supply channels and production, it seems to me they really don't want to break much sweat on any extra work above the very conservative projected numbers. They think Japan first, then everything else.

Thus they deliberately undersupply the world market (the GR is the typical case of their strategy), produce cameras in very limited batches and deliver there where they know it will sell best without any extra effort.

Because of that, retailers never really know when the next batch will arrive, whether they'll get a new batch despite demand, whether there is enough demo units, etc. Mind you, only after almost 3 years of Ricoh's ownership of Pentax, their US division (RIAC) officially introduced 645 lenses! Because they thought (!) there will be no demand for the 645 in the Americas.

How bizarre! They have an excuse that is beyond belief, but I call that lack of any marketing awareness whatsoever.

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