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Re: H.R.D/Vincent Motorcycles.........

meagre offerings wrote:

my now next door neighbour was offered a vincent black shadow and matching sidecar around the late 1960s by his then neighbour for the princely sum of 25gbp, he turned it down because he wanted a honda black bomber.

he now has a black bomber, the vincent would now be worth in the region of 25,000gbp.

very best


Thanks for the re-direction from the Fuji forum.

£25 for a Shadow ..... Hmmmmm ......your neighbour was either offered a real bargain or his memory is playing false.

I bought my Rapide in 1967 for £90 and as I said, sold it for £105, that was in '68.

I had just sold my BSA A10 to fund the Rapide for £45.

Bearing in mind what it would now be worth, of course I beat myself up, but I console myself with the thought that if I hadn't sold it (to help fund buying an Alfa Romeo) I probably would have killed myself on it

However I didn't sell my (made Leica look cheap ;-)) camera from the period:

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