M43 vs dSLR for birds, focusing

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Re: M43 vs dSLR for birds, focusing

The mix of 100-300, EM5, and AFC is an unhappy one that doesn't work well. The new Panasonics are much better with the 100-300 and AFC. Probably the GH4 is the best for AFC but they all work well. The GX7 is a very good platform for legacy tele lenses sue to its IBIS and Focus peaking. I've used it a lot with a Canon 400/5.6 and it has done very well, even for flying birds. The GM1 is surprisingly good with the 100-300. With practice the LCD can take the place of an EVF for finding and tracking birds. There is no vibration penalty at all compared to using an EVF camera. There is no smaller or lighter wildlife outfit with so high quality an output, so this is the one to always have with you while hiking or traveling. Add an extension tube for long distance stabilised macro, and a 12-32, and you have a complete outfit for nature photos.


Barn Swallow

Heron Overhead

All with GM1 + 100-300

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