Nikon D4s: Bayer processing breakthru?

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Re: Maybe, but I don't think so.....

A very thorough review - you do a better job than the professionals!

Some points to reflect upon:

- there is no reason to think that full frame increases the resolution over APS-C if the pixel counts are the same.  More dynamic range maybe, lower noise at high ISOs for sure, ability to distinguish more subtle shades of colour in many cases, yes.  But no reason resolution should be any different as that is limited by pixel count.  You do see differences in lenses in the sense that APS-C is more demanding on a lens's resolution while full frame is more demanding of the lens edge/corner performance.

- You shouldn't expect removal of the AA filter will necessarily lead to an increase in resolution.  It might when compared to a camera with an overly strong AA filter but in general what the AA filter does is reduce the micro-contrast/acutance around the Nyquist frequency rather than wiping out the detail completely.

- there is no reason to think that the resolution performance of any of Nikon's 24MP cameras should be that much different whether full frame or half frame, cheap or expensive, fitted with an AA filter or not.  They should all resolve in the same ball park.

- The Merrill sensor certainly has high resolution but where it shines is in micro-contrast/acutance as that allows you to see the resolution it has more easily.  The eye is fooled by micro-contrast and we will often rate a lower resolution image as preferable if it has high contrast. The other thing with foveon is you can never ignore luminance aliasing. It's there all the time (right off the scale on Techradar's chart) and it is often difficult to distinguish real detail from false detail. Different people will arrive at a different value on the chart depending on their tolerance of aliasing.

But overall, I think you have pointed out so many inconsistencies in their scores that I would be sceptical at any conclusions they arrive at for any camera!

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"...while I am tempted to bludgeon you, I would rather have you come away with an improved understanding of how these sensors work" ---- Eric Fossum
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