Even more test shots of the Sigma 24-105mm F4 DG (OS) HSM lens on our SD1M camera from Steamtown

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Nancy and Pete Spader Senior Member • Posts: 2,050
Even more test shots of the Sigma 24-105mm F4 DG (OS) HSM lens on our SD1M camera from Steamtown

While at Steamtown we took a number other pictures with our new Sigma 24-105mm F4 DG (OS) HSM lens on our SD1M camera.

The first is of an old locomotive suffering increasing disrepair due to funding cutbacks. This is unfortunate because there are only 3 examples of this Canadian National Railroad “tank” type Baltic 4-6-4 in existence.

The next four are closeups of the Big Boy that Nancy took using a monopod with the OS on. It shows how sharp an image this lens can produce from a monopod, even when zoomed out into a range where it is not as sharp as it can be at shorter “lengths.”

The last two shots raise an interesting question. They are both taken by me from a tripod. What is interesting is the fact that for the 206 shot I had accidentally had the OS on, while the 265 shot has the OS off. OS should not really work on a tripod, yet you will notice that with the OS on (206) the shot is not that terribly degraded in sharpness. I am not sure what is going on here. The simplest answer is the tripod may not be as stable as it would need to be to make the OS ineffective. The problem with this answer is the fact that the tripod was on a very stable surface (a concrete sidewalk). It is still possible it was moving ever so slightly.

I post these shots to raise the question of whether this new lens with a new OS system is so good the OS can work with on as a tripod unless it is absolutely stable. I have already noticed that adding OS does not produce a dramatic improvement in sharpness with this lens even when I tested it with hand-held shots, and earlier OS systems did produce a marked improvement. Or isthere is a defect with this my copy of this new lens and the OS is not really working at all, even when I turn it on. (There is some evidence that the copy Rick and company may have a copy that is "decentered." Any ideas?

Here are the pictures. All comments are welcome.

Whitewall Tires (CPR #47)


Big Boy Closeup #1


Big Boy Closeup #2


Big Boy Closeup #3


Big Boy Closeup #4


Test of OS on Tripod (OS on) using the Big Boy


Test of OS on Tripod (OS off) using the Big Boy


Pete and Nancy

Sigma SD1 Merrill
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