X-E1 vs X-T1 EVF

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Re: X-E1 vs X-T1 EVF

Marcos Villaroman wrote:

rwbaron wrote:

Hello Fuji shooters.

I'm new to Fuji but not to DPR as I've been in the Canon forums for more than 10 years. I just ordered the X-E1 18-55 combo from B&H to add to my Canon kit as a go everywhere and travel camera. I was initially interested in the X-T1 but this deal seemed too good to pass up as I believe the X-E1 will suffice for my short term needs and then serve as a back up to an X-T1 in the future. I'm most interested in getting familiar with X-Trans RAW file processing and learning/tweaking my workflow as it's now based on LR5.4 which I know may need to change depending what I want from the files.

The question I have is what are the differences between the EVF in the two cameras? They appear to be the same resolution but my assumption is the X-T1 has a few more tweaks and features?

I own both the X-T1 and X-E1. The X-T1's EVF is an utter joy and compares so well to the OVF of my 5D3, especially for manual AF.

I've not been able to play with either camera but what I've heard confirms what you've said.

The X-E1's EVF is OK. It gets the job done in terms of image framing.

Main disadvantage of the X-E1 for me is the slower AF and not as good low light AF.

Personally I would stick with the X-E1 and buy an extra lens sooner than later with the money you saved. The Fuji-X lens selection and the ability to have a lighter camera bag are 70% of the reason i went Fuji; it wasn't the mainly the X-T1 body.

If you see my recent post near the top I explain the reasons for my interest in the X system. For my needs I've decided the XT1 is a better long range purchase.

As for LR 5.4 vs. the other RAW converters, sure I do see a bit of improvement in Capture One and Photo Ninja, but, I really like the LR 5.4 workflow so I tend to process with LR 5.4 and only jumping to the other RAW converters on a case-by-case basis. I do notice that the default settings for Capture One and Photo Ninja seem to nail the noise reduction levels better than default LR 5.4, but, that's easy to tweak when necessary.

I'm coming to the same conclusion that you've found. I've played with XT1 files in LR5.4 and compared them to my 7D files and I don't see that much difference. Another forum member (Jerry Astro) who just bought an XT1 did a RAW file comparison with his 7D and sent me the files to play with. He has a Mac so he also converted the XT1 files with Iridient and saved as a 16 bit Tiff and this is where the XT1 really shines. ID is not perfect as the Tiff wasn't as robust to work with as the RAW but I'm getting a new MacBook tomorrow so ID will then be another option.

How do you feel the RAW files from the Fuji's compare to those from your 5D3? I feel they are markedly better than the 7D but FF is another story.


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