Would the G1x MKII be good for me?

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Re: Would the G1x MKII be good for me?

chicoes wrote:

On the end of July I will be going to Thailand for 3 weeks for my honeymoon.

My current camera is the SX160 IS and since this trip is going to be a once or twice in a lifetime trip, I want to buy a better camera to take better pics than my SX160 takes and also be able to take good pictures on low light hand held without blurriness and be able to get good results with above 800 ISO and give me better photos than my cell phone.

Above 800 ISO, G1X II Hands down, huge difference. ISO 3200 look good.

I have the S120, small, quick response in operation. Even at base ISO, G1X II has a much better image.

Higher ISO's no comparison, it's in another league.

If your considering the S120, get a couple extra batteries. I'll use 4 batteries on a busy day.

Up until about a month ago I was seriously considering the S120 but since the G1X MKII was out I was seriously thinking about it and reading all sorts of opinions and reviews, but I still dont know for 100% if its the best choice for me. I do know I want a camera with a sensor that is atleast 1" and I do want a flip LCD screen and a wide angle.

Flip screen does work well, I'am getting use to it. I like to shoot from my hip and chest.

The camera will be used mainly as a travel camera, vacations, friends meeting and family. Im not a professional and probably not going to use it for artistic photos.

Should be fine, depth of field is pretty narrow shooting wide open.

Keeping everything sharp can be tough. Beautifully blurs the background making people pop out.

So What I want to know is, considering all of the above, and the fact that I mostly take pictures on P mode and occasionally on Av mode, would I still get good results with the camera? or do I need to be more like a starter pro to be able to get good results?

I use Av mode and manual. It has 2 custom modes. I would program C1 for indoors, and C2 for outdoors.

Both in Av mode, C1 at f2.8 or less, and C2 f5.6 or higher. I let C1 go to ISO 3200, C2 hold at ISO 800.

You should get good results with a little practice. And practice using the flash and bouncing it.

Easy to lift back with your finger, hopefully bouncing off a white ceiling, Big difference.

how easy is the learning curve of the camera? I will have only about 20 days to learn how to use it before I leave for my vacation.

Easy if you are use to Canon's menu's, You can customize the Func menu to see only what you want.

And customize a menu with features you use most. Same as the S120

Bottom line, is it the right camera for me?

I could be,,, It's not perfect, has a very good image, wouldn't call it pocket-able.


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