Lovely Sony W/A APS-C Zoom

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Ioseluismx wrote:

Could be. But what I find weird, is that it's a 1.5 year old article. Kinda random post.

Not really, in the light of several recent threads in this forum.

This is a better design than the Sigma 10-20 either version, in that wide open, and at the edges throughout the range, it is sharper; and it's wider than the 12-24. I have owned and used both. 2mm at the short end is a significant difference in a W/A. And it takes filters of a reasonably moderate size. Nobody seems to be that wild about the Tokina.

It's got to be good to make me think seriously about a Sony cam!

Incidentally I was using 'copy' in a subtle sense, but Pentax has more literally copied/adopted lenses more than once in its long history.

There was a time in my photographic endeavor that i liked the UWA end of optics. I bought the classic Sigma 10-20 and took a lot of pictures with it. Today, i don't use the lens at all and should sell it. I see the same kinds of optical distortion or is it perspective distortion in the lula article. As someone once said in a comparison of fisheyes with rectilinear UWA lenses - one is trading one kind of distortion for another. You see this weird kind of diagonal streaming of clouds in the sky and diagonal streaming of details on land such as that shown in the article. Some of this is mitigated by software, such as my favorite Lightroom, but not entirely. If i was forced to buy a UWA, the Pentax 12-24 would be much more attractive to me - i've seen many fine pictures from this lens. Despite the lula article, numbers speak and until someone does an objective test, i really doubt that the Sony 10-18 is any better than the Pentax 12-24 in its range.

But if i had a vote, i would recommend to Pentax that they spend future development in the wide to normal to tele zooms. I like to sell pictures, and I just haven't seen many UWA pics that i would want to display on a wall for any length of time. Maybe thats a radical opinion but its where i'm at in "fine art photography"

But to each their own style. As to bias, mine is not mfr based, i have both Pentax and Sony cameras, but no desire to own any UWA lenses from either brand or from Sigma either.

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