Which Four-Thirds body to get?

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Michael Meissner wrote:

Note, I believe capacitors failing is an electrical problem, and would probably affect your camera whether it is heavily used or mostly sits on a shelf. High/low temperatures does appear to shorten the lifetime. In addition, in the early 2000's, there was a problem with early failure of some capacitors (the E-1 was announced in 2003, and I imagine production halted in 2004 or 2005): Capacitor plague.

Michael, You may be conflating capacitor failure with CMOS Battery failure in regards to Digital cameras and loosing settings (date/time & mysets etc.). I have a couple of UZs, one of which looses date/time etc. settings when changing the batteries because the CMOS battery is exhausted.

From what I've read CMOS batteries can last up to 10 years or more (or considerably less). On computers CMOS battery failure can affect bios settings also. I've cracked open a couple of UZs and the CMOS battery is not easy to access. I've changed CMOS batteries on computers a number of times. I have a couple of old machines still going with the original CMOS battery (WIN 95/98 era).

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