Licensing / copyright infringement question

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Licensing / copyright infringement question

Even though I work in the stock/photo licensing industry (in IT not sales) I have a question on licensing / infringement.

This is in the UK

One of my personal images, nothing to do with the stock agency I work for.

Have asked the question at work but the people who usually deal with such things are away.

I took a picture of an item (physical piece of art by a friend) for a friend so she would publicise her services and her book discussing creating such things. I did not give away copyright - so in effect licensed the image to her and her publisher just for the purposes of the book and services.

It then came to my attention that the image was used on a well known TV show, used out of context - nothing to do with the book / my friend or the type of art.

Contacting the TV production company - I was told that they licensed it through a small independent news/stock agency.

Searching their website I found the image and the copyright was assigned to one of these gifts and gadgets websites.  My friend's book is for sale on this site.

I would like some compensation for the use of the image on a very well known TV show - but am unsure who I should send the bill to. Any thoughts ? I guess one of :

- TV production company

- The stock/photo agency

- The gift/toys website

The only tips from those at work is that it's unlikely to be the TV production Company - as they would have the paperwork for licensing. But then the person who I asked has worked with said production company before.
Reminds me of the story about images from Haiti that Getty/AFP lifted off twitter and licensed. Think the photographer went after Getty not the individual publications that used the picture.

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