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Re: Better hurry up—the 645Z has been SOLD OUT for 2014

Duplo wrote:

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

People who order the 645Z Medium Format camera and lenses know what they are doing. And one cannot explain that motive to a normal DSLR user, or a pocket camera user. No other system (I'm not even saying 'a camera') is an adequate substitute for a Medium Format 645Z.

So it boils down to this: either you know what you're buying with a 645Z, or you don't. The knowledge is pre-innate. And the lengthy posts of “An MF dilemma rationale” are but a confession that a potential user is only going to wait a few more years in the queue.

We do agree that people with previous medium format experience may know what they want or need, but whether a given sensor is going to deliver still is hard to know before hand.

Phase or one of their dealers, tend to offer a demonstration and test of the product and output before buying, and that even goes for old users that have a desire to add a new back to their system too. I am however not sure if pentax offer this service. But it is a very popular service.

The price of the 645Z may actually be low enough for people to chance it, especially if they already are familiar with the 645D or the pentax medium format film systems (67 or 645).

But why try to make medium format Digital something only for people in the know?

I think any maker will need all the buyers they can get, professionals, enthusiasts and gear addicts alike.

the 645Z is just a slightly larger than 35mm format camera in the end.

but I admit a very interesting one

I had asked to try a 645d a while ago and was told I would be contacted with someone to arange it (it would come with a pentax rep due to the cost apparently), no contact was ever made so I asked again and was told they would get someone to contact me but again nothing.
So it seems they can offer such a thing but don't actually follow through.

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