Did you upgrade from the K-5 to the K-3?

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Re: Did you upgrade from the K-5 to the K-3?

I did. The K-5 remained with me longer than any DSLR before it, and I never felt the K-5II(S) offered enough useable new features for me. The K-3 is another beast however, with an impressive list of improvements, although the need to replace the K-5 by a K-3 depends on your requirements of course.

For me, there were at least three requirements that were met by the K-3 that improved it over the K-5:

  • Frame rate for HDR: I often use exposure bracketing for increased dynamic range. However, the slower the burst rate of a camera, the more likely movements between subsequent frames are possible. With the K-3's higher frame rate, even compared to the already pretty fast K-5, the various shots in a bracketed series match up noticeably better when combining them in a HDR/Enfused image.
  • Focus peaking for manual lenses: I have a lot of manual lenses, some older (the K135/2.5), some more recent (Revuenon 55/1.2, Samyang 24/3.5 TS). Nailing focus (or accurately placing the focus plane on the TS) using the view finder and focus confirmation was very hard when using these wide open, so I mostly resort to Liveview for critical situations. The K-3 offering focus peaking in Liveview makes this much more reliable (and faster) than on the K-5, resulting in many more keepers. Esp the TS benefits a lot from this!
  • Second card slot for more efficient card use: I regularly travel for extended periods (3 to 4 weeks) without access to my computer while photographing intensively on a daily basis. I used to carry a separate drive with a card reader to back-up my 2 SD-cards every evening, but this device was getting old and not so reliable anymore. I could not find a similar new device to replace it. So from carrying only 2 smallish SD-cards (sufficient for a day's shooting plus a back-up), I am now back to carrying as many cards as I estimate I will need for the entire extended period. The second card slot offers many possibilities, but maximizing card use without the risk of not being able to shoot because the card fills up it the most important to me. On the K-5 I had to replace cards before they filled up to make sure I would be able to continue shooting during upcoming eventful periods, thus on average not using 10 to 20% of card capacity on each card.

Other improvements are great as well, but none of those make a real difference for me.


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