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Macro lenses - focal length

davids8560 wrote:

Would you recommend swapping my DA 35mm 2.4 prime for the one with the macro feature?

Not just for general photography, although the build quality of the Ltd is rather nicer.  The DA 35 f2.4 is actually pretty sharp by all accounts e.g. according to PhotoZone.

I have the 35 f2.8 Ltd, but the focal length is rather short for macro photography.  At 1:1 imaging the front of the lens is very close to the subject.  This makes lighting tricky, and the subject is more likely to take wing if it has wings.

If you are interested in macro photography, I would recommend a longer focal length, unless you have specific requirements for a wider field of view.  In particular, consider the DFA 100 mm f2.8 WR.  At UK prices it costs  less than the 35 f2.8 Ltd, and you would still have a first rate 35 mm lens for non-macro subjects.  There is also a Pentax 50 mm f2.8 macro if you prefer something shorter.

The Tamron 90 mm f2.8 macro and Sigma 50 mm, 70 mm and 105 mm f2.8 macros are all well regarded, and generally easier on the pocket.

As others have pointed out, even though these are designed as macro lenses, they work well at longer distances, though you may feel you have this covered by the 55-300.

If you are still interested in the 35 mm f2.8 Ltd., take a look at Mike Johnson's 2008 review.


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