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Re: Better hurry up—the 645Z has been SOLD OUT for 2014

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

So it boils down to this: either you know what you're buying with a 645Z, or you don't. The knowledge is pre-innate. And the lengthy posts of “An MF dilemma rationale” are but a confession that a potential user is only going to wait a few more years in the queue.

Since I don't know anyone with a MF, or ever had the chance to use one (even though I had asked pentax and they offered to lone me one but then never got back to me) its hard to know if it suits my needs exactly, its hard to know how something is without having the chance to experience it and it is a large jump from a mirrorless FF both in size and price to a 645d/z.

But you are right, I don't have the funds to just run out and buy one, hell my car only cost me £800 and I will be waiting a few years till I will be able to get one by the looks of things which might not be bad thing as fuji and sony will probably make one anyway and give me more options.

I have no doubt that the 645z is an amazing camera and comparing it to other camera's in compares to its a bargain but even then the pentax lacks the ability to be used as a digital back on a technical camera with wider lens and phase one camera's have LS lens that let you sync flash's to 1/1600 while pentax is stuck at 1/125 (or 1/500 with old lens) so there is more to it all but I'm sure the 645z will shake things up a bit.

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