The Weekly Thread Posts! Your Opinion Please

Started Jun 5, 2014 | Polls thread
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The Weekly Thread Posts! Your Opinion Please

I am fairly new to this site and it has been a great learning experience for me! I appreciate all the advice and tips i have received from the more experienced people here and it has significantly contributed to me becoming a better photographer.

The weekly thread started recently for various types of photography are a great platform for sharing our experiences and getting advice, and I understand that they were started with good intention.

However I have found that the good pictures hog the lime light and the poorer once are not even talked about(read ignored). I still post in the C&C column but less people visit this now and you can see the average no of replies in the C&C column dropping down marginally since the weekly threads started cropping up.

Also now I try not to reply or post in the weekly threads as I get multiple notifications (orange flags) that are not relevant to me and I don’t like it, but i check anyway to remove the orange flag notification and just to check if it might be relevant. (I don’t do email notifications on replies, as it is i get enough spam mail)

This has affected me personally as I am receiving less C&C which i need to become a better photographer.

What do you think?

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I like the weekly thread posts and want to see them continue!
50.0% 8  votes
I like the weekly thread posts but dont like the multiple notifications!
18.8% 3  votes
I dislike the weekly thread posts and also the miltiple notifications and want them discontinued!
31.3% 5  votes
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