M43 vs dSLR for birds, focusing

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Re: GH4 is close, but you should not disregard one other mirrorless system...

Bhima78 wrote:

Honestly, m43's just isn't a great system YET for BIF. That isn't to say there aren't great photographers getting good BIF photos with the system, its just that the m43's system takes alot more patience and practice to be able to get more keeper shots.

No. The very first day I went out (saturday, when I got the GH4) I got lots of shots and virtually complete bursts with 80% clear keepers. You need the right lens. For birding. m43s misses the right lens. That is why I would like to have a 100-250 f2.8 to f4 that does provide the speed to focus. With the 35-100 2.8, if the birds ligh close enough you'll get lots of good shots.

Honestly, I think the best mirrorless cam for BIF is likely the Nikon 1. Yeah, the IQ isn't as great as m43, but at the low ISO range, it isn't prohibitively different. And the focusing/continuous shooting of the Nikon 1 series is nothing short of amazing.

The AF system of the 1 is fantastic for this kind of work. Must be the best out there, I think so too. What everyone thinks of the IQ is personal, but the fact is that at base ISO it is far behind. Like 5 years behind. Especially the dynamic range.What some may bother is that you get less DOF. There is no 35-100 f2.8 equivalanert on a system that need f1.8 to have the same DOF.

Also: the autofocussing of the Nikons in poor light is not nearly as good. So if you want to shoot more than action in reasonable to good light and you do care for IQ, mFTs is better.

I think the Sony A6000 might be a better option for those who want a good alround cam. It seems to do C-AF on par with GH4 if not better, has similar IQ (better sensor but worse lenses) and has a 70-200 F4 fast lens.

If someone is really into birding do, a D7100 or somehting similar is the way to go still I think.
Whenever Panny and or Oly come with 100-250/150-250 f2.8 to f4 or f3.5 constant (or so) that performas like the 35-100 I think the EM1 and GH4 could be good enough for many.

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