Did you upgrade from the K-5 to the K-3?

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Re: Did you upgrade from the K-5 to the K-3?

davids8560 wrote:

Now that the K-3 reviews are in and the K-3 has gotten a Gold Award like the K-5 before it, are you one of the people who has upgraded? Is the K-3 really superior by leaps and bounds?

After trying one Nikon and two Rebel DSLR's, I gotta say I really like my K-5 by far. I dunno. I just like it more.

The only real difficulty it has for me is using it to shoot fast subjects. But I am sure it is due to my configurations and lack of experience. The K-5 is the first DSLR I've really dug into, after years of compacts and super zooms. And even though I have a hankering to try the latest greatest stuff, for once I feel like sticking with what I've got, and attempting to learn it inside out and master it (if possible) before moving on.

Unless you've got lots of experience with both cameras, and really think I should upgrade now.


I held out as I was dead set on full frame next. That said, I couldn't hold out any longer and picked up a K-3 last month. I will say that, yes, it is a huge upgrade from the K-5 in my opinion. I LOVED my K-5, and not even talking about IQ the K-3 is better. Better LCD, better control layout (not a whole lot different, but improved in my opinion.) Better UI even. It always bugged me that you could not quickly delete multiple photos on the K-5, and that is fixed with the K-3. Even the shutter seems quieter if that makes any sense.

For the most important aspect of IQ, it is a huge upgrade. The K-5 to me is an amazing camera and I got a lot of great results with it. The K03 just seemed to kick everything up a few notches once I got used to it. I'm getting results that I would have never gotten with the K-3. Many more keepers from the K-3. For me, after two years with the K-5 I really felt I had hit the limits of what I could do with it. I was very happy but felt I couldn't get results that were better IQ wise than the excellent results it was given me. I wanted a bit more and the K-3 gave it to me.

I say go for it. The K-3 is, to me, such a great step forward from the K-5.

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