Fog & Ice on Lake Superior

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Re: Fog & Ice on Lake Superior

Peteo wrote:

JeffAHayes wrote:

Nice shots, Scott and Mark. I can't BELIEVE there's still ice on Lake Superior the first week of June! Wow!!! I know you weren't able to actually catch any ice close eonough to photograph, but I'm still taking your word that it's out there, Scott.

Has it always been like that this late in the spring?


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Hi Jeff,

If you look at the first picture with the dandelions you can see a bit of ice that didn't escape with the wind. Because Marquette is on the south side of Superior it blows out with a south wind. But when the wind comes out of the north it pushes it back into shore and there is still a lot of big junks out there.

This much ice in June is very rare, I think the last it happened like this was in 1996.


Winter of 1995/1996 was a bad one.  I had -35F on one Saturday AM in February.  Believe it hit over -50F in the UP that winter.

I remember I had a 1992 Ford Taurus at the time and it would not start at -35F.  With 5W-30 synthetic in it it readily turned over but did not fire.  When it hit -28F it fired right up!

But, the winter was not as consistently cold as last winter and we did not have the amount of snow like we had last year at least in central MI.  The week before it hit -35F it was in the low +40F range.

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