GH4 shutting out the automatic review in EVF....

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My experience with using a Red Dot Sight has been very good for capturing fast motion. I use one with my GH3 and 100-300 combo for BIF, sports, and airshows, and am able to get a lot of good shots. Just google red dot sight and you will see pictures of what it is. They are designed for use on a gun, but can be easily adapted for use on the hotshoe of the camera, and will allow you to track your subject through a non-magnified view, and will completely bypass using the camera EVF, so any blackout issues do not matter. You can turn on the focus beep to have the camera confirm when you have your target in focus, but I just usually leave it in high-speed burst mode and pump the shutter button in bursts.

Perfect! I have seen these in gun shops, about Canadian$ 25. They have a mount for use on a gun barrel. Can you link to an adapter for use on a hotshoe? Seems like an epoxy device!!!

That will require an adjustment in my shooting technique. But the second eye will help with tracking. I suspect it will be easier to find the lil birdies in trees when using the 100-300 mm at 300 mm.

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Here is the mount that I use to mount my RDS on the camera hotshoe:

Hope this helps.


Thanks a lot!


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