Did you upgrade from the K-5 to the K-3?

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Re: Depend on what do you shoot

Greyser wrote:

davids8560 wrote:

Now that the K-3 reviews are in and the K-3 has gotten a Gold Award like the K-5 before it, are you one of the people who has upgraded? Is the K-3 really superior by leaps and bounds?

After trying one Nikon and two Rebel DSLR's, I gotta say I really like my K-5 by far. I dunno. I just like it more.

The only real difficulty it has for me is using it to shoot fast subjects. But I am sure it is due to my configurations and lack of experience. The K-5 is the first DSLR I've really dug into, after years of compacts and super zooms. And even though I have a hankering to try the latest greatest stuff, for once I feel like sticking with what I've got, and attempting to learn it inside out and master it (if possible) before moving on.

Unless you've got lots of experience with both cameras, and really think I should upgrade now.


I was using K-5 for 3 years shooting wildlife. My K-3 arrived in the first week of November, 2013. I've never looked back to use K-5 again. However, my 2nd body is K-5IIs.

I second what Greyser said, expect I don't have nearly the wildlife shooting experience he does. In just about every way that counts the K-3 is superior to the K-5 (except maybe some "mirror slap" issues some have had with time-lapse -- and RARELY in other circumstances; jury's still out if that's for all K-3s, or just a certain batch). I haven't had any mirror slap issues to date, but I've read enough about them to know they're a real issue for some people, at least some of the time.

Still, I'd recommend getting a K-3. MOST K-3 owners seem to have NO problems with them, and it's an improvement over the K-5 in so many ways it's really worth the upgrade. It' a major improvement over the K-5II, as well. Although there were a couple incremental improvements in the K-5II relating to low-light focusing that made it better than the K-5, such as an F 2.8 focusing sensor in the center, the K-3 has THREE such sensors, and has gone from 11-point maximum AF sensors to a maximum of 27, plus 86,000 metering points (not entirely sure I phrased that right), which is close to what the Nikon D4s has.

There are several more improvements relating to things like AFC and others, but if you've been following along, you probably know already. I got a K-5IIs on sale (still at the price, now, so I DID wait until it hit "rock bottom," which was my goal) a couple months after my K-3. My original K-5 is actually stuck away somewhere right now (not sure where -- somewhere in the den -- lotsa junk piled up in there, so I know it's not lost, or stolen). Like Greyser, with a K-3 and a K-5IIs, I really don't have much use for it at the moment.


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