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rouchefoucald wrote:

So is the consensus than Panasonic is "better" at rendering skin tones? Now I'm thinking about trading my E-M10 for a Panny GX7.

No, not at all. Both cameras can have excellent skin tones, but if there is a 'consensus', it would be that Olympus generally does skin tones better than Panasonic.

But that is not the real issue here - this is not a color problem or a skin tone problem. It is an exposure problem - your image was very underexposed. That scene needed fill flash in order to brighten up the face. When I opened the file in Olympus Studio, it is clear the camera has added at least a stop of exposure to the boy's face to open the shadows.  That is what is causing the 'overcooked' look - and it is not a camera problem but a user problem.

Here are a couple of things to try before you even think about switching cameras:

1. Get the exposure correct! Try turning off auto gradation and YOU pay attention to the exposure on your subject's face. This may require using fill flash or letting the background blow in order to get proper exposure on the face. Getting the exposure correct is the single most important thing you can do.

2. If you do not like the warming effect when a subject is in the shade or on a cloudy day, use the daylight preset instead of auto white balance. AWB on Olympus will give you a warm color balance in the shade or clouds. AWB on other cameras will give you a 'neutral' color balance.

3. Use the 'portrait' setting instead of 'natural' when shooting people. I have no idea what that will do with LR, but with jpgs or using Olympus Studio, there is less contrast and lighter colors to peoples' faces.

4. If you still think there is too much color saturation, then turn down the saturation dial - you have a lot of control within this camera.

There is a reason why Olympus has a reputation for good colors - you just haven't quite found it yet.  Give yourself more time to learn the ins and outs of a new camera.  It would be a mistake to your learning process to think now that it is a matter of brand to get the 'right' colors, as that is not the problem here.

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