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Do sales staff use cameras?

photohounds wrote:

Well, and ethically argued, Tom. I have a mix. If the local can come within 15 or 20% AND has stock, I buy here.

"Me too".  It also helps if they can "talk cameras" sensibly to me and I can test a camera in their shop. It creates an obligation on my part which I honour.  But I get sick of  the blank look when you ask about the latest model and if you persist they have to scurry off to the on-line computer to look it up to see if the distributor has it on their stocklist. If it is not there then you have to explain to them what it is and when it was announced to their glazed over eyes.  Sales assistants who can do no more than switch on the camera and hand it to you.  If you ask about it they simply read the megapixels from the sticker on the body.  People that are good in retail do their homework, keep up to date with trends, know type-classes of customers, know of and about the latest models and have some idea when they will become available.  They are keen to presell new stock not already carried, will cut a small deal without being pressured into it and respect customers that know and understand what they want and a sale can be cut in less than ten minutes rather than an hour of explanations to the uncomprehending about the advantages of megapixels followed by them walking out of the shop baffled  after they had tested out their haggling skills for the benefit of "the wife".

Camera retailing has become a self fulfilling prophesy of till jockeys on a volume commission.  I certainly don't want to pay a premium for knowing what I want and not wasting their time or in needing them to buy in a product sight unseen that I could have bought yesterday on line locally let alone from overseas.  I also hate haggling and if a small concessional discount is not offered to sweeten the deal back to something like the internet price plus a margin then I might be "ethical" but I am not a complete sucker.  Window shopping the showcases when you know the going rate usually gives an idea of just how hungry the shop owner is without bothering the sales staff.

Another off-putting activity designed to frustrate intelligent well-informed buyers  is the electronic goods store habit of selling off cheaper soon to be superseded models or in many cases cameras where the next improved model is announced and on its way.  Not the "cracker deals" that they really should be, but just a little bit off to bring the suckers through the door.    Of course the up to date and knowledgeable will not get caught but many innocents will.

In other words consumer ethics needs to be matched by reasonably camera-aware sales staff that not only know their product and can really discuss it with a knowledgeable camera fanatic, are aware of developments and can diffferentiate between a newbie to cameras and someone articulate and aware.  If their sticker prices are over the top can quickly indicate a deal that comes down to 10-15% of the cutting edge pricing of the best perfoming stores  in the same country.

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