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Re: Nobody wears out their shutter

LouHolland wrote:

NZ Scott wrote:

LouHolland wrote:

What is the predicted shutter count life of the E-M10? Sorry if this has already been discussed.

Cheers Lou

I've started a couple of threads about shutter counts before and - even though the threads got quite lengthy - not one person who replied had managed to wear out their shutter.

This was with both Olympus and Panasonic cameras.

My own camera is an older-model E-P3. It's done something like 40,000 clicks without showing any signs of failure, even though it it was full of dust/grit for quite a long time (I could hear the "gritty" noise when I released the shutter).

hahaha sorry that's a pitty, but it makes me smile, sorry again.

The reality is that very few people apart from full-time professionals take enough photos to wear out their shutters. Most people upgrade their camera bodies long before it becomes an issue.

That's really true, but Scott thanks for sharing your expirience

I've shot over 130,000 photos with my D5100 (rated 100,000 AFAIK), over about three years of use. Not a pro, but doing lots of time lapse will do that too. No problems yet. I'm not worried about shutter life: I'll have an excuse to get a new camera if/when the old one dies ... Of course having two decent cameras helps; I was a little more, "worried" it too strong a word, but something like that, more worried before I got my GX7.

I don't think my GX7 will get that many shots in that short a time: I'm still using the D5100 for most time lapses, and the GX7 to shoot normal shots while waiting for the TL to end (as well as everyday shots). Add the few times I do TL with the GX7, sometimes it's using the e-shutter. (Again, I don't care enough about shutter count to bother changing to/from e-shutter unless I need to.)

But even among time lapse shooters, it's rare to hear about shutters wearing out.

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