Advice on which Fuji x series to go with

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Re: Advice on which Fuji x series to go with

britcam wrote:

MayaTlab0 wrote:

What will take time is to learn how to circumvent Fuji's exotic quirks. You may be surprised for example, that none of the Fuji cameras, unlike all other cameras on the market today other than compacts, locks focus after taking a shot if you keep your finger half-pressed on the shutter release. This is the kind of thing where you'll go at first "WTF ?", and then loose a bit of time trying to work your way around the quirk.

You must have your Fujis set up in an interesting way.

My X-E2 and x100s both lock focus with a half press on the shutter release button, just like all the previous cameras I've owned. I've just checked .... No quirk, and no workarounds needed.

Nah, it's AFTER taking a shot that I'm talking about. If you keep your finger on the shutter release half-way after taking a shot, on Fuji cameras, it doesn't hold focus, meaning that if you fully press the shutter again it's going to go through another AF cycle. It's rather annoying when focusing and recomposing (basically it means that you have to use the AFL / AEL button all the time if you don't want to focus again between shots). On the XT1 there is a workaround since you can use the AF-L button to activate focus, not just lock it, and leave the shutter release to lock exposure only. The manual focus trick on other Fuji cameras doesn't work that well since the focusing square isn't very precise.

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