What is the difference between Sony's "Clear Zoom" and "Smart Zoom?"

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Digital Nigel wrote:

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gil wrote:

NEXF3 + 55-210mm + 1.4X-1.7X front teleconverter. The 535mm equivalent focal length (with the crop factor) is often not enough for medium to distant birds for usable documentation shot with acceptable posing. Up to 1.5X CIZ gives me better framing and timing for taking the shots (visible heads, eyes, etc.).

Also for taking macro shots, sometimes I am using CIZ to do in-the-field cropping on what I want to see. It's an option that I could use when I need to use it.

Old samples shots (I have newer ones but not posted yet) of using CIZ.

bird iwth CIZ http://art4less.smugmug.com/2013Images/NEX-F3-Test-Shots/n-W5HNL/i-TP9nVmV


CIZ moon shoot http://art4less.smugmug.com/2013Images/Moon-Shots/n-zLZG9/i-v8H96Bq

Some macros here with CIZ

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I fully understand the need for SIZ and CIZ for JPEG shooters.

As I wrote above, it is a pitty that ARW (original) file can't be saved together with JPEG. For ARW shooters, both zoom functions would be usable as a framing tools, while better quality final output will be possible, using external post processing. That is my only complain (appart of Sony strange menu logic and insuficient instruction support), but it is of course good to have those options anyway.

Yes, it's a shame that Sony doesn't allow RAW+JPEG mode to be used in almost all cases, except, perhaps for panoramas. Perhaps it could be yet another setup option, to allow RAWs to be saved in the cases where they're currently regarded as mutually incompatible (eg, HDR, CIZ, etc). For example, RAWs can already be saved along with B&W JPEGs.

Problem might be in processor exploitation when Sony ARW files are created. Applying software correction, de-noising and lossy compression to RAW, require probably significant processor capacity to be used, which limits other instructions needed for in camera JPEG processing (Panorama, pixel interpolation, multishots etc.) In the case of Smart Image Zoom however, I don't see processing to be too demanding. More probably, it is just instruction structure issue.

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