Can we realistically expect more FE wide angle primes?

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Re: Can we realistically expect more FE wide angle primes?

Dandrewk wrote:

Seeing that the FE70-200 is every bit as good or better than the similar Canon/Nikon versions

Agreed, at least slightly better than Canon 70-200L/4.0 IS, maybe just a shy of Nikon 70-200G/4.0 VR (at least at 200mm F4.0) as DXO tests show. But all three are pretty close not dramatically different. Canon version is a bit old (announced in 2006) but also noticeable lighter/smaller (760g vs 840g and 67mm vs 72mm filter).

, I have great expectations for the FE16-35. There's no reason to think Sony/CZ won't have another winner.

I have a perception from what I have read, FE mount has much bigger challenge to design and optimize WA/UWA lenses than tele lenses due to much short flange focal distance. We have already seen casualties in FE 28-70 (if compared to Nikon 24-85G/3.5-5.6 VR) and FE 24-70. But I also have a great hope for Sony delivers right this time as they did on two fantastic FE primes and FE 70-200.

If so, it will more than pave the way for the A7 mark ii versions. Imagine a FF Alpha with improved sensor and the a6000 AF system, now with a sterling lineup of native lenses? Wow...

Exactly what I am waiting for. Sony please delivers - further improved sensor (15.3-stop DR as in A7s?), A6000-alike AF and shoot at 12 fps (24mp is fine to me). Am I dreaming?

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