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Re: PP would perhaps pull it back?

ngtszhodavid wrote:

Luke Kaven wrote:

ngtszhodavid wrote:

Luke Kaven wrote:

ngtszhodavid wrote:

Thanks, somehow it looks a bit dark and gloomy ...might be due to my monitor here

thanks for the suggestion though!

Did you have a chance to try what I suggested above?

Luke Kaven wrote:

On that first shot, the all-white people in front of the all-white house, there might be more highlight information in there than you think.

Go back to the raw file and capture using the "neutral" setting (NX) or "linear" (C1) profile. The "standard" curve exaggerates the highlights to look more contrasty and pleasing. Sometimes it blows highlights that weren't blown in the raw file. There is sometimes up to a stop of difference, so it's worth a try.

Cool thanks for the suggestion

I use LR. is there such profile?

Yes, it's called either "camera linear" or "camera neutral". These are the cleanest numbers you can get, the closest representation to the true numbers coming off the sensor, without any tonal exaggeration. If there is any highlight headroom, this is where you will see it. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

The neutral/linear profile is a good place to start for many images.


sorry is it under Tone Curve?

I see Point curve Linear selected and can change to medium contrast or strong contrast

It should be under "camera profiles".  Many of the camera profiles carry an implicit tone curve, but are not considered as "tone curves" themselves.

You will like this trick once we get it worked out.

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