E-M1 unraveling. What do I do?

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Re: E-M1 unraveling. What do I do?

Noticed last night that the rubber thumb panel (don't know what to call it) on the back right side of my E-M1 has come loose at the lower right corner, to the right of the trash can button and below the play button.

I haven't done anything that could cause that to happen, in fact, my use of the E-M1 for the last couple of months as been kind of light. Never had anything like this happen with the many cameras I've owned.

I suppose it's covered by warranty but I can't afford to be without the camera right now for a couple of weeks. I'm not a super handy do-it-myself fixer and the idea of put a drop of Super Glue in there seems risky to me. I've tried gently but firmly pressing the rubber corner back into place, but it doesn't stay there.

Any suggestions? Anybody else ever had this happen?


If you are worried about glue try using double sided carpet tape.

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