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Yes you can. You're right.

Re >You can find hundreds of pages of similar non-portraits in the fashion mags every day<

Unfortunately the headline of the first post asked about "portraits."

But anyway ...

While I was waiting for my car's air conditioning to be re-valved, I spent some time with Vanity Fair.

Yes, there are lots of pictures of morose looking models.

But what I would suggest is perhaps true is that their portfolios not only contain some morose tear sheets, but they also contain some sparkling, cheerful, eye-contact pictures. These would be the kinds of shots that would make a photographer and art director and editor interested in working with her.

Have her get a sheet of paper and divide it into three columns, one labelled "cheerful?", one labelled "active?" and one labelled, "connected?". (connected refers to eye contact between model and reader)

Have her get a couple of her dream magazines, and go through the magazines looking at every fashion model shot, and putting a check on the sheet of paper, describing the model. No check means not active, of course.

Apply this information as you and the model see fit.


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