16 months later: what I miss, what I like ...

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Re: 16 months later: what I miss, what I like ...

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Wow. Look how small that 50mm f1.1 is - it looks smaller than the current AFS 50mm 1.8G.

I really like my Df. It's the closest to the ideal camera I've owned. I can't even remember what the list of outraged blogger "Nikon got this wrong" items is anymore, that so dominated web chatter when it was launched. But the more compact size, the great images at all ISOs (especially high ISO), the easily managed file sizes and the overall performance are a pleasure. I miss nothing really from my D3S (don't need 10fps) and have yet to take a shot where more than 16MP would have given me any benefit.

I've probably used only a handful of primes with it and occasionally the 24-70 2.8. To an extent the vast F-mount range means less to me than it did perhaps in earlier DSLR generations when cropping and high ISO were more limited, so you needed an "optimised" lens more often.

Having said all that, it does feel to me that the theme the Df represents could go a step further or that Nikon could do with a FF mirrorless (new lens mount) system to address the Df and Fuji market segments further. The Fuji system has pretty much all the lenses I'd want. Nikon has milc AF as good as I want in the 1 System. The Sony A7 shows how compact a FF MILC can be.

Imagine a FM3A size FF MILC Nikon body, and perhaps a rangefinder one too - analogous to the Fuji XT1 and XE2. A metal body lens range similar to the Fuji one - compact primes that avoid the 'incredible inflating lens syndrome' Nikon seem to have gone through in the transition from AF-D lenses to AFS-G lenses.

Given technology-driven camera sales have slowed down with the maturing/plateauing of camera performance (for my needs, there has been close to zero progress since 2009 when the D3S was launched), I think Nikon could do more to exploit more niche segment preferences in design and styling. If they made a really compelling body and a few primes, you know there are a lot of us out there who'd run two FF systems - the F-mount and a more compact one....

Well I would seriously be interested in a rangefinder style Nikon, like the one in this post. Since Nikon has gazillions of years under belt in making lenses, sure this can't be that difficult? This would then not only provide some serious competition to Fuji but to the Oly and Sony camp as well. Dwelling on the same-old-same-old DSLR all the time doesn't make you fit for the future.

But maybe that train has already left the station?

Speaking of which: I had a chance to try a Leica M240 at a model shoot in Melbourne earlier on this year and was surprises as to how beautiful manual focussing is implemented, I'd say that I could focus almost as easily in manual mode on those cameras than using AF, sound a tad overstated but the impression I got with this overlay image gliding in from the side is just magically simple - and it works!

So whilst they were at it, why not have a look at this as well? Mass-production (well, I know not quite but if the numbers were there...) would maybe bring the costs down.

Just dreaming because I am sure this won't happen in a hurry, must never forget that the big guns from Japan make cameras to accommodate the Japanese and now Chinese market as well as the rest of the world and the clocks are often ticking differently over there ...


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