Advice on which Fuji x series to go with

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Re: Advice on which Fuji x series to go with

MayaTlab0 wrote:

jayboo wrote:

Will I find the Fuji menu and operation a lot to learn - don't mind investing the time but would like to be able to get going with it fairly fast.

Fuji's menus aren't nearly as bad as Sony NEX's or Olympus'. Part of it is because they aren't full of obfuscatory items such as the idiotic "burst mode + IS OFF" in Olympus menus where you have to turn the option off to actually turn IS on in burst mode, and not too badly organised, part of it is because there aren't that many things to customise anyway. As far as I'm concerned I never had to open the manual.

In the same way marked dials are pretty straightforward, that's after all one of their main advantages.

What will take time is to learn how to circumvent Fuji's exotic quirks. You may be surprised for example, that none of the Fuji cameras, unlike all other cameras on the market today other than compacts, locks focus after taking a shot if you keep your finger half-pressed on the shutter release. This is the kind of thing where you'll go at first "WTF ?", and then loose a bit of time trying to work your way around the quirk.

So do you mean they don't "hold" focus?  Not sure I understand!

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