Any advice for Yosemite moonbow shooting?

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Re: Any advice for Yosemite moonbow shooting?

I had a nice vacation planned to Yosemite a few years ago only to have to cancel because I got one of the nastiest flu bugs I've ever had.  But I did have a bookmark for shooting Rainbow Falls and other locations around the park with good chances of a shot at a rainbow.  I can't find those links.  But the search was something like "photography yosemite" then I followed some links from there.  I know that does not help but the obvious is this search:

This could be a wonderful time of year to catch a rainbow but the sites out there can offer a lot of tips on what factors to consider.  Remember too it comes down to time of day.  So an app tracking sun positioning is very helpful.  I use TPE for Android and it helps me guess at times and positioning as well.

Most of all have a grand time and enjoy the shots you get not the ones you hoped for and missed.  Ansel Adams spent MONTHS in one spot to get a single shot and we try and compress things into what amounts to a "sound bite" of time expecting perfection.  Doesn't work that way in nature.

Be aware of bear warnings as well...I've been right next to a bear trying to dismantle a VW Van in the middle of the night so I've seen it happen first hand.  I was too young to be concerned just in awe of the power they possess.

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