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Ferguson wrote:

I suspect the silence is mostly indicative of lack of anything really to say.

To me the first two are great expressions but lack context. In the first, perhaps if seen with also a shot of the lift (which I presume he completed), it might be more impressive. And I confess in the second while I realize it is some martial art I really have no idea what is going on, other than she's celebrating also. I love celebration shots, but if asking "how do you like my sports shots" I'd suggest a few more action shots. The runners are of course action, and a nice if a bit crowded shot (what kind of race is that? With the water?)

See... I didn't have much to say either.

Though... Welcome! Post some more, perhaps some more action shots.

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Hello Fergy :),

the first one i belive you wright cause no one can really know if he succeded to lift or not, i guess in the second is more obviuos that the that screeming just won the battle.

the picture with the water is from the 3000 M Obstacles from the olympic games at london.

thanks for your comment,


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