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My own experience: DSLR -> Fuji mirrorless

Just made the move from a 7D/17-55, 10-22, 100L Macro to a X-T1 with kit 18-55.  I'm quite new to this so others will be able to give better advice on how to get the best out of the camera, but I can help you a bit with understanding the transition.

The VF of the X-T1 is nothing short of a marvel.  I've used it under a variety of conditions (bright sunlight, dark room) and it performs quite well under all those conditions.  The additional information (realtime histogram, exp sim, etc. is invaluable and I'm finding my keeper rate is running much higher because I can see problems before rather than after hitting the shutter.  The kit lens is fantastic with excellent optics, very little or no distortion at the edges.  It changed my perception of what a kit lens is, mostly from Canon's history of having fairly cheaply built kit lenses with OK optics (most current ones still have only OK build quality but far better optics).  I was originally thinking of starting with the 18-55, then possibly moving to the upcoming f/2.8 version (16-55, I believe), but given the very fast range of the 18-55, I doubt that I'll replace it.  It's a worthy substitute for Canon's 17-55, which is IMHO the best of their EF-S series of lenses.

Handling of the camera is also a joy.  It's very light and once you customize it, it's is extremely easy and fast to use.  IQ (DR, colors, noise) pretty well blows my 7D away, particularly at higher ISOs.  I'm able to use the camera at ISO 3200 and below with zero concerns about noise.  If you're inclined to use Auto ISO, it's more than feasible with this camera -- I never used it on the 7D.

I'm retaining the 7D and 100-400 for situations involving lots of movement (wildlife, birds, etc.).  When Fuji finally announces the long tele, depending on quality/price/performance, I might consider completing the transition and going completely to mirrorless.  I doubt that anyone doing a ton of fast motion photography would find the X-T1 an equivalent substitute for a 7D or other DSLR at this point in time, but for my own uses, it might well make the grade.  Time will tell.

So, coming from a DSLR, particularly if you highly value a VF, then give the X-T1 a hard look.  And, do what I did: rent one for a few days.  It takes some of the risk away and will help you make an informed decision.  Good luck!

jayboo wrote:

So torn at the moment, on which Fuji model to go with, had almost decided on XE-2 then looked closer at the XT-1 and thought maybe I would regret not going with this one.

My needs:

Lighter alternative to Canon 5DIII/1DIII for trips and everyday use

Although the 100s looks fantastic - cannot live without interchangeable lens

Good viewfinder - my only problem with Canon EOS M, there being none, otherwise I would stick with what I know and obviously be able to use my lenses.

Good low light performance and AF

My worries:

Will I find the Fuji menu and operation a lot to learn - don't mind investing the time but would like to be able to get going with it fairly fast.

I have been thinking of 35mm 1.4 lens to begin, unsure about either the 16-50 or 18-55 zoom, I am very much a prime user, 56mm 1.2 looks very intriguing for later.

Been watching you tube videos, reading reviews till I'm boggle eyed, decided ones to ask were the forum members for some honest opinions and advice please.

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