First Big Paid Event with X-T1

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Re: First Big Paid Event with X-T1

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I've had the X-T1 & 18-55 lens for almost 3 months and shot my first big event with the kit over the weekend. I'm 90+% happy with the results. Here are the differences compared to what I expected to get my previous Nikon D600 & 24-120 f/4 kit:
+ tiltable screen was handy for overhead and low shots
+ small size was definitely less intrusive and tiring
- focusing was measurably less accurate and caused me to miss a couple of shots despite the green rectangle confirmation
- shooting RAW+JPG to the same card meant that I had to swap cards mid-event (D600: RAW to card 1 & JPG to card 2)
- 55mm on the long end wasn't enough (can't wait for the 18-135)
- a stop or two too noisy with indoor lighting
- going through a mental checklist to remember/confirm settings takes longer than using the U1/U2 settings recall dial

Overall I'm realistic that even taking photos casually for practice isn't the same as being in the action of a paid event. I'm looking forward to building-up my muscle memory and trying out the wireless feature with my iPhone and TTL flash with the EF-42.

*At the end of the day, I was able to capture the significant moments and the client was happy with the photos. What more could I ask for?

As it stands today as good as Fuji X is, it is not wedding ready. Micro Four Thirds autofocus seems to work better with a DSLR a first choice.

Sure its subjective and again, Fuji X has great output but getting there has its challenges for certain types of events.


I wouldn't argue with your conclusion about the focus being better on both dslr's and m4/3, but I shot a wedding this weekend with an xe2 and was satisfied with the results. Quite a few pros are shooting them in addition to dslr's or exclusively.

Can you provide a link or examples with Exif info. Would like to see it and have a closer look.

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Check out Kevin Mullins' work. He's a member of this forum.

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