M43 vs dSLR for birds, focusing

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Re: M43 vs dSLR for birds, focusing

Brian Wadie wrote:

String wrote:

Not much of a bird guy to be honest however I have taken a few. Here are some with the E-M5 and the Oly 75. All I ever use is S-AF.

I do not find the 100-300 a very fast focusing lens, at least on the E-M5. Its okay for static subjects but struggles with anything moving.

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I have read reports that the focus motor in the 100-300 is a bit sluggish and this slows down focus speed as reported for instance this review by Ming Thein " the biggest limitation is continuous AF performance. It’s already a problem for the M4/3 system since all focus systems are contrast detect; it’s even worse with the 100-300 because the focus motor itself is slow, the required amount of physical movement of the lens elements between the infinity and the 1.5m near limit is large, and the lens is one of the earlier generation of designs that doesn’t have the benefit of the technology used in Panasonic’s current lenses. It isn’t slow per se, but it definitely isn’t up to the latest Olympus primes in speed" Can't comment from personal experience as I have never used it

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So much to learn, so little time left to do it!

Yes, I am finding the 100-300 on the GH4 to be slow (but much better than on the GH2 or the GX7) in medium burst.  Apparently it is the lens, not the AF-C system on the GH4.  Some evidence at this thread: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/53792470   which indicates that the new GH4  AF-C is a big improvement over previous Pannies for BIF shooters.

As usual, nice shots Brian!


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