Advice on which Fuji x series to go with

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Re: Advice on which Fuji x series to go with

Chad Hardy wrote:

jayboo wrote:

So torn at the moment, on which Fuji model to go with, had almost decided on XE-2 then looked closer at the XT-1 and thought maybe I would regret not going with this one.

My needs:

Lighter alternative to Canon 5DIII/1DIII for trips and everyday use

Although the 100s looks fantastic - cannot live without interchangeable lens

Good viewfinder - my only problem with Canon EOS M, there being none, otherwise I would stick with what I know and obviously be able to use my lenses.

Good low light performance and AF

My worries:

Will I find the Fuji menu and operation a lot to learn - don't mind investing the time but would like to be able to get going with it fairly fast.

I have been thinking of 35mm 1.4 lens to begin, unsure about either the 16-50 or 18-55 zoom, I am very much a prime user, 56mm 1.2 looks very intriguing for later.

Been watching you tube videos, reading reviews till I'm boggle eyed, decided ones to ask were the forum members for some honest opinions and advice please.

If you want the best EVFs can offer, get the X-T1. IQ wise it is the same as the X-E2. X-T1 is also better at continuous tracking if you like to shoot the occasional action scene. It has more custom buttons, and an articulating LCD.

To qualify, mirrorless isn't quite up to a pro level DSLR yet for AF speed or low light performance so you need to remember the positives (lightweight, EVF, etc) when you miss those shots with the X-T1 you used to hit with ease on a 5D initially. I have found as I use the X-T1 more the gap narrows, but let's be honest there is a reason the 5D or 1Ds are thousands of dollars more.

Lens wise, 35 is solid and should offer some lower light flexibility. The 1855 kit is a great lens, I recommend getting it with the body as a kit to save the few hundred on the combo. The 56 is a dream lens, so incredibly sharp with beautiful bokeh. I find it hard to take off my camera!

Thanks for that.

May have a closer look at the 18-55.

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