Family pics: rx100m3 or Ricoh gr?

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Family pics: rx100m3 or Ricoh gr?

I am looking for a second camera to fit in a jeans/ shorts pocket for pics of 3 year old and 3 month old (currently) out and about, and on vacations. Out of these two camera's what would you buy? I am coming from Pentax DSLR's and K-01 and shooting primes, which I will keep for other uses and when the situation calls. Here's my thoughts.

Ricoh GR


1.) APS-C sensor matching the Pentax k-5, in your pocket

2.) snap focus seems like a great idea for my subjects.

3.) Great interface praised by photographers, lots of customization

4.) Reviews of the lens say it's incredibly sharp, maybe sharper than most Pentax primes in this range!

5.) Crop modes from 28mm to 35 and 47 (I think) give some flex to a fixed lens.

6.) New firmware today claiming very fast AF now, even in low light by users.

7.) UWA adapter lens

very sharp.


1.) Video is not suppose to be that good. I don't know what that really means for shooting family shots vs. fancier uses? Is it 'good enough'? I want to shoot more video than I have been.

2.) Fixed lens and crop modes don't change dof, as they are just cropping 28mm. And 28mm focal length not the best for this subject.

3.) Need a wifi type sd card as nothing built in and it's a feature I want to transfer pics.

Sony rx100m3


1.) Fast lens with good range for me, going wider and not too long.

2.) great video that can do things like slow motion, time lapse, etc.

3.) Sizzle features like panorama's, wifi built in, tilting screen and EVF. I rarely use a VF for family shots, so this really doesn't matter to me.


1.) smaller sensor than the Ricoh. Will I notice difference in low light, DR and pp abilities? I've never used a smaller than aps-c sensor.

2.) User interface maybe not as intuitive (not sure about this, just comments I've read.)

3.) Not as easy to hold - limited personal experience.

For me, I've only seen an RX100m2 briefly at the store on vacation, and it seemed so small that it seemed cramped to hold and a little 'point and shoot like' with the power zoom and turning the lens as a dial. This could very well just be something to get used to, or something that will always bother me. It just felt very foreign and was kind of a turn off. I didn't instantly bond with it. But how can you not love the specs? I am trying to convince myself that I can grow to love this camera. Anyone else go through this?

Both seem like great cameras in different ways. I just don't have the ability to spend any time with them in a local store, which would really help me, so I ask here.

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