Nikon D4s: Bayer processing breakthru?

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Re: Nikon D4s: Bayer processing breakthru?

Hi Tom,

There are quite a few images from the D4s available around the web. They look decent, but not much different from my Nikons to me. I'm beginning to wonder if these resolution chart photos have much relevance to real life photography?  It make me wonder if manufacturers are optimizing their sensors to look good on b&w resolution charts and how that translates to everyday photography? This could be one of the issues which plague this forum when people get results which conflict with the "numbers" from testing.

I'm reminded of when Mike Chaney (Qimage Author) compared his 4.6 mp Sigma to the 12 MP Canon 5D and found the results very interesting. As a long-time user of Nikon dSLR's, I've always found them very decent, but not spectacular as far as IQ goes. Shooting them side-by-side with my Sigma's they just don't have that something special I see from the Foveon sensors. Neither do my Canon dSLR's nor my E3 Olympus but the Olympus produces stunning jpgs right out of the camera.

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Tom Schum wrote:

This month's print edition of Shutterbug magazine (July 2014) has a review of the D4s, and on page 40 they say, "The resolution of 3280 lines per picture height given by the image sensor is transferred into images with a maximum of 3258 lines per picture height.... details and fine structures in these images look very crisp, but still natural." I've left out a couple sentences in which they speculate about how this might be done, and complain ever so slightly about some artifacts at hard contrast edges, but if you are interested the magazine is worth buying.

Typically, from what I have seen so far, it is very good to get even 75% of the sensor resolution out of a bayer array (60% more typically), and here we are at 99% with the D4s!

Once the DPR review comes out, it will be very interesting to compare image quality between the D4s (16 mp) and any Merrill (15mp). I'm guessing the D4s images will compare quite favorably.

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