Pana Leica 15mm F1.7 is starting off pretty good!

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Re: It is for a smooth bokeh, people!

Anders W wrote:

Kevylloyd wrote:

Anders W wrote :

Sorry. But I don't think smooth bokeh is what most people are looking for in what is effectively a 30/3.4 equivalent. Most of the time there won't be any bokeh to look at so I don't think the lens is designed for that.

Maybe, maybe not, but the out of focus rendering certainly seems to be of note, and welcome.

Nice OOF rendering is of course always welcome. Why wouldn't it be? It's just that I don't think it's first priority for a lens that isn't really capable of much in the way of background blur unless you go closer than you'd ordinarily want to do with a WA.

Such a lens with a 15 mm fl should be designed for "walk around," social outing, environmental portraits, etc. It should be sharp in the center wide open, with a short minimal focus distance so you can shoot close to the subject to throw the background out of focus, and the off-area should be smooth and creamy. Having a nice and smooth background (when shooting close to the subject) is highly desirable, although this may not be for YOU. Just look at the smooth and creamy background rendered by this lens in the examples given here or on-line, it is beautiful (and give a nice 3D look to the image).

For most landscape shots, they are taken at a much smaller aperture, and at that point, the corners most likely will be improved. I thus see no point of designing such a lens to be sharp corner to corner wide open and to deliver the same degree of smooth bokeh. Such a lens will most likely to be much bigger and more costly to be a general purpose walk-around lens.

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