Df Focus Problems Resolved

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Re: Df Focus Problems Resolved

DjMike wrote:

I'm a little comfused on how to put the Df's focus to 9 point dynamic area? I only have two options, 39 & 11 focus points.

Never mind, i got it now. Do you think that your method of setting is more effective than af-c 3d tracking?

Funk: They work completely differently. IMO dynamic area is a much more general purpose setting. My camera is set to 9-point dynamic 90 percent of the time. I never use dynamic area.

Not DjMike

FYI with 3D tracking, the camera changes focus points as needed to track the subject. With dynamic area the selected focus points remains primary and doesn't change even if the subject moves, while the surrounding points can assist. What Nikon says is, "if the subject briefly leaves the selected focus point, the camera will focus based on information on the subject from surrounding focus points." So with dynamic area, it's (mostly) up to you to keep the selected focus point on the subject

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