Street BW from JPGs as good as RAW

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Re: Street BW from JPGs as good as RAW

the decent exposure wrote:

geraldPP wrote:

Even though I shoot both RAW and JPG I have been processing the JPGs instead and I don't think I'm missing too much. With colour there would be more reason to shoot and process the RAW for sure.

Great pictures, really good one. But why is there more reason to shoot raw in color than in black and white? you will have the same benefits that you have in colors in bw using raw


I guess there's a slight confusion here so I'll try to explain -

RAW files are always colour but your OOC JPG files can be colour or bw depending on what film preset you choose.

You can choose to use either colour or bw JPGs or the RAW colour files to process your bw.

I shoot entirely in colour JPG and RAW. The photos I posted were processed from the colour JPGs.

Your question regarding why there is more reason to definitely shoot RAW when in colour is because personally for me I am very concerned with smooth graduations in sky illumination and especially low-light conditions where noise is a problem. These problems are more apparent for colour so shooting colour RAW just makes sense even if you might end up with a bw image.

If I was sure I want bw then I will keep to shooting colour JPGs only just so I can shoot more shots on continuous and not use disk space so quickly


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