M43 vs dSLR for birds, focusing

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Other problems

I have similar problems, but my birds are usually sitting in a tree or in a bush.  ...  The pre-M1 mFT cameras, that I have, have two problems that the FT PDAF cameras did not. First, the focus area seems too large as CDAF takes a little more work to gain accurate focus than the PDAF systems, and what bugs me the most is that it does not know when it is IN FOCUS – it has to cycle once to be sure. Second, shooting against a bright sky or a dark background the EVF tries to make life easier by adjusting the lighting. This often renders the subject unseeable – blown with a dark background and the subject in full sunlight or completely dark with a bright background (this also makes AF more difficult for the camera.) ….. If you're comparing mFT AF for tracking BIF against Nikon or Canon I suspect they still lose. ….

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