Moving from a 5Dmkiii to Sony A6000

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Re: Moving from a 5Dmkiii to Sony A6000

Charles Currey wrote:

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Toccata47 wrote:

Fine for your tasks. It's so easy to carry with the kit lens I just walk around with the camera in hand without a strap. I can't remember doing that…well, ever! The performance speed and low weight are liberating.

It is fast enough for chasing kids around provided you are up to the task. And herein lies the rub. I think people expect to put the camera in to auto mode and walk away with life-long keepers. My experience is the camera responds as well to manual input as everything else.

Sony profiles require a totally different post routine than canon which isn't an issue but take a little brain-retrain time.

The processing will indeed take a little getting used to. One aspect of Canon that I do love is the fact that there is barely any PP needed on most of my shots. Id imagine the files will be much more 'Nikon' like to work with

I am not experienced enough to know the difference between Nikon like and Canon like files. Could you explain please? Many thanks.

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Chuck Currey

Ok the following is my own personal opinion and is not intended to start a flame war!

I generally found that in the past, Nikon RAW files (from D700 and D600) seem to take more processing (colour adjustments etc) than Canon ones to get to a state which I class as finished. I find that the colours/contrast in a RAW file from Canon are already punchy, where as Nikon's tended to be flatter and needed tweaking more. I also find Canons AWB much more accurate (or at least more pleasing to my eye).

However the DR (esp in the shadow regions) of Nikon RAW files is generally much better than Canons, and in my experience there's much more latitude for manipulation in a Nikon Raw than a Canon one for certain things.

As I say this is all only my experience and other people will have completely different opinions on each cameras performance and sensor characteristics!

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