Warning to EM-1 users :sunshine into EVF can create indeletable blotches, as confirmed by Olympus.

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baxters wrote:

Zensu11 wrote:

Couldn't this also happen to a sensor? Say I put the Rokinon FE lens on my E-P5 and turn on the camera. The FE is probably going to have the sun in the frame and the sensor is on (open) so that I can have live view. Couldn't a lens focus the sunlight onto a sensor?

It's raining here today, so I can't try it. Take the fisheye outside on a sunny day and see if it can set a piece of newspaper on fire, holding it so it focuses on the dark print.

I tried this with a long zoom last winter, and nothing got hot at all, but our sun is pretty low in January.

I'm a paranoid so I'll take all of my lenses out today at high noon here in the southern US and check them out. Thanks for the idea!

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